Mid-April the warming weather brings spring rains, a greening landscape and abundant flowers.  The clear winter landscape, low clouds and spectacular sunrises give way to bright spring colors. Our pollinator garden is becoming bright green and a few wildflowers are starting to bloom.  The orange Siberian Wallflower and the yellow mustard flower are the first. It’s still very early for these, we find at this altitude we are behind the valley as much as 4 weeks and even behind the homes at the bottom of Stoney Point Rd by nearly a week.

The large old Oaks near the top of the driveway are starting to green, leaf buds turning the brown trunks a soft tone. The Dogwood is getting ready to bloom, but has not yet unfurled into full white blossoms.  The apple and pear trees in the lower meadow however, have already fully bloomed and are well on their way to becoming fully leafed out.

The Red Bud in the forest is now on full display.  The Forsythia planted near our flag pole has already gone thru it’s spectacular yellow blooms and it will be a somewhat nondescript green bush the rest of the year.

I planted some daffodil bulbs from a pot of plants a friend gave me two years ago under the big Oak in the curve of the driveway.  Nothing came up and I figured I must have planted them incorrectly or ? and they were dead.  This spring there they were, every single one came up and they’ve started spreading.  Those will be a lovely early spring accent.    

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