We saw this property for sale and the proximity to town appealed to us.  We knew that driving 30 minutes to an hour just to get to the grocery store wasn’t our thing but we loved being out in nature and craved the peaceful surroundings.

We came to see it and were struck by it’s beauty and the sweeping views. We ended up buying it and building our home here. This property isn’t just a house, it’s more of a… well if you’ll indulge us… a “living experience”.  That’s what we love about it – not knowing what we’ll see outside every day – watching the weather come in and out, being startled by a frog leaping in the creek, watching the wild turkeys foraging in the meadow.

Here’s the part that makes some folks wonder and we wanted to address it directly – yes, this property is up a nearly mile long, single lane gravel road.  We’re at the very top of the road.  This location, that’s what gets us our view… which is amazing.  

You can see photos and information on the road here

In all honesty, we wondered about the road at first too.  It took about two weeks and we didn’t think about it any longer.  We learned the turnouts, the ebb and flow of traffic in the neighborhood and we enjoyed the accidental meeting of neighbors and the quick hellos that inspired.  We did not let the road deter us from buying the property and we have not regretted that.

Don’t let the road be your ‘except for…’.  You’ll miss out on something special.

We created this site to show you our home and property as we see it. The information included is accurate to the best of our knowledge but we encourage you to check everything for yourself. If you have questions or there is anything we’ve left out, please inquire with our realtor and we’ll make sure you get a complete response.

We do ask (respectfully) that you make an appointment thru our realtor to see the property. It is not possible to see our property from the road.  You would have to drive up in our driveway to see the house.  We are living here and ask that you be considerate.  We are happy to let you have as much time as you would like to look around with an appointment.

All the best,

Michael and Erin Contour

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