A fairly level trail on our property, actually an old wagon road, leads from the top of our driveway to the western edge of our property where a creek marks that boundary of the third parcel.  It is about 3/4 of a mile out and back, a 20 minute walk at a slow pace.  It’s an easy walk and a very pleasant way to see the forest surrounding the house.

The spring is one of the most beautiful times to hike anywhere in Virginia.  The trees haven’t fully leafed out so the views thru the forest are still expansive.  There are many wildflowers along the path (common dog-violet, mustard flower and garlic mustard among others). Moss is also growing rampantly with all the moisture so the rocks have a lot of color and physical texture to them.  You can see up and down the mountain slopes this time of year and it’s pretty obvious why the road up would have been called ‘Stoney Point’.  There is a lot of rock on the property and some pretty huge boulders. On the walk I also found a fungus I’d not seen before. It was a beautiful orange, researching I believe it may be cinnabar polypore a white rot decomposer.

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